A brief look at all that surrounds the moratorium on life that was imposed in India.

In most people’s mind lockdown and coronavirus are very nearly the same.

To them the imposition of a nationwide lockdown had felt a necessary, and almost natural step in dealing with the spread of the virus; there was not one bit of doubt in their mind as to whether that…

How are Definitions, Politics and Your Mind Connected

Scientists say that mathematics is the language of the universe. There is a reason why they say that. Observe how vast and complex math is and what it deals with, from addition to algebra, polygons to parabolas, differentiation and integration, then higher order integration, and it goes on. …

How Roy got the idea of Privatization of Education wrong, like most people

Author Arundhati Roy, in a press release on the 30th of August, 2018, made her views clear on a number of issues, including the assassination of journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh, the recent policies of Modi’s administration, and the increasing number of farmer suicides. She named this piece “#MeTooUrbanNaxal.’

Addressing the simultaneous…

How Business and the English Language are being ruined by Favoritism

A close look at India makes a couple of things clear: (1) the administrators are mismanaging tax money at almost every level; and (2) delicately woven into our country’s fabric is business, and decisions taken in that arena.

As both of these areas of activity involve money — and as…

Vijay K Chennoju

Student | Interested in philosophy

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